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IHSA State Series 2008
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Pierce High School team details

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results
Group/duet results

Team sweepstakes results
1Bluejay Invitational
1Midstate Conference Speech Meet
1District B-4 Tournament

Competitor results

Bluejay Invitational - Final results
Emily Taylor1JV Oral Interp Humorous
Vanessa Derr1JV Impromptu Speaking
Andrew Halsey2Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
Kathy Venteicher2JV Impromptu Speaking
Mikaela Ruppert2JV Oral Interp Poetry
Andrew Halsey3Entertainment Speaking
Jonathan Canaday3Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
Kara Polt3JV Persuasive Speaking
Maggie Echternacht3Impromptu Speaking
Faye Gerteisen4JV Impromptu Speaking
Kerstan Slater4JV Oral Interp Serious
Natasia Otto Berglund4Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
Faye Gerteisen5Oral Interpretation of Poetry
Kyle Rohrich5Extemporaneous Speaking
Emily Taylor6JV Entertainment Speaking
Tad Fuchs6JV Oral Interp Humorous
Kia KaiFJV Entertainment Speaking
District B-4 Tournament - Final results
Natasia Otto Berglund3Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
Dani Hoff5Oral Interpretation of Poetry
Jonathan Canaday5Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
Kaelee Stuchlik5Extemporaneous Speaking
Kathy Venteicher6Informative Speaking
Midstate Conference Speech Meet - Final results
Kara Polt2Persuasive Speaking
Nick Lukens2Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
Andrew Halsey3Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
Dani Hoff3Oral Interpretation of Poetry
Kyle Rohrich3Extemporaneous Speaking
Maggie Echternacht3Entertainment Speaking
Faye Gerteisen4Oral Interpretation of Poetry
Kaelee Stuchlik4Extemporaneous Speaking
Kyle Rohrich4Persuasive Speaking
Kia Kai5Entertainment Speaking
Jonathan Canaday6Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
Natasia Otto Berglund6Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose

Group/duet results

Bluejay Invitational - Final results
Andrew Halsey & Nick Lukens1Duet Acting
Brittnie Abler & Cara Schultz2JV Duet Acting
Stevie Buettgenbach, Kathy Venteicher, Kara Polt, and Jasmine Kai2JV Oral Interp Drama
Maggie Echternacht & Natasia Otto Berglund3Duet Acting
Natasia Otto Berglund, Cassie Lueshen, Maggie Echternacht, & Jonathan Canaday3Oral Interpretation of Drama
Stef Koehler & Kaelee Stuchlik4JV Duet Acting
Chelsea Atkins & Hannah Atkins5JV Duet Acting
District B-4 Tournament - Final results
Stevie Buettgenbach, Kathy Venteicher, Kara Polt, and Jasmine KaiFOral Interpretation of Drama
Midstate Conference Speech Meet - Final results
Andrew Halsey & Nick Lukens1Duet Acting
Stevie Buettgenbach, Kathy Venteicher, Kara Polt, and Jasmine Kai5Oral Interpretation of Drama

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