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IHSA State Series 2008
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Upstate 8 Conference Tournament full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting

1Matt Socha / Allison KasbeeNeuqua Valley
1Stephanie Reninger/Chrissy ReningerLake Park
3Sarah Luithle/Christina CasasSouth Elgin
4Hope Batterson/David WaltonWaubonsie Valley
4Jocelyn Smith and Sydney SchrieberBartlett
6Megan Gargaro / Lauren GrayNeuqua Valley

Dramatic Interpretation

1Steff CaballeroNeuqua Valley
2Megan GargaroNeuqua Valley
3David WaltonWaubonsie Valley
3Regina ReyesSouth Elgin
5Hope BattersonWaubonsie Valley
5Vivienne HandumonWaubonsie Valley

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Carla MannWaubonsie Valley
1Nicholas LoNeuqua Valley
1Sarah CzufinNeuqua Valley
4Jake FraserBartlett
5Andrew CrumSouth Elgin
5Annie PaulWaubonsie Valley

Humorous Duet Acting

1Kelly Silay / Morgan ManockNeuqua Valley
2Brandon Pecylak/Cody PecylakWaubonsie Valley
3Andrew Crum/Ricky LopezSouth Elgin
4Brian Banta / Sam IdeNeuqua Valley
5Joe Greskoviak and Sara BlackstadLake Park
6Osman Khan/Rebecca FreierBartlett

Humorous Interpretation

1Ally SchweisthalWaubonsie Valley
1Sarah LuthlieSouth Elgin
3Lauren CampbellWaubonsie Valley
4Jocelyn SmithBartlett
5Kelly SilayNeuqua Valley
6Zach HershNeuqua Valley

Impromptu Speaking

1Elaina LenertzNeuqua Valley
2Peter LundquistNeuqua Valley
3Emily OlsenBartlett
4Eric AshcraftWaubonsie Valley
4Erika JurlinaBartlett
6Sonny VeeramachaneniWaubonsie Valley

Improvisational Duet Acting

1Mike VanDeVoort/David WaltonWaubonsie Valley
2Brandon Pecylak/Cody PecylakWaubonsie Valley
2Greskoviak/NanoLake Park
2Lauren Campbell/Lauren PaganWaubonsie Valley
5Evan Michalic/Andreas KounelasSt. Charles North
6Osman Khan/Marlene ToscanoBartlett

Oratorical Declamation

1Rae Anne PayleitnerSt. Charles East
2Alex MoormanNeuqua Valley
3Elliot BakerSt. Charles North
3Heather ZhuangWaubonsie Valley
5Amanda HuaNeuqua Valley
6Dana LangeNeuqua Valley

Original Comedy

1Sam IdeNeuqua Valley
2Mike VanDeVoortWaubonsie Valley
3Ally SchweisthalWaubonsie Valley
4Danny HamelSt. Charles North
5Rachel SmallNeuqua Valley
6Connor HanrattySt. Charles North

Original Oratory

1Maddie ConwayNeuqua Valley
2Amanda GrahnNeuqua Valley
2Jane SkrockiWaubonsie Valley
4Emily OlsenBartlett
4Erika JurlinaBartlett
4Patrice GroomesSt. Charles North

Prose Reading

1Erin DevineNeuqua Valley
1Heather ZhuangWaubonsie Valley
3Morgan ManockNeuqua Valley
3Stephanie ReningerLake Park
5Marlene ToscanoBartlett
6Nick AmatangeloSt. Charles East
FLauren SchrockWaubonsie Valley

Radio Speaking

1Iman RahimNeuqua Valley
2Ryan KeeneLake Park
3Lauren SchrockWaubonsie Valley
4Marlene ToscanoBartlett
5Elizabeth RoakeWaubonsie Valley
5Elliot BakerSt. Charles North

Special Occasion Speaking

1Priya NakraNeuqua Valley
2Brandon GacaWaubonsie Valley
2Brian BantaNeuqua Valley
4Annie PaulWaubonsie Valley
5Carla MannWaubonsie Valley
6Jake FraserBartlett
FChelsea BakerSouth Elgin

Verse Reading

1Sam RodmanNeuqua Valley
2Alex MoormanNeuqua Valley
2Ben GaddisSt. Charles North
4Traci Montgomery Streamwood
5Brandon GacaWaubonsie Valley
6Katie WeissLake Park

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