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IHSA State Series 2008
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Logan View Invitational full results

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Duet Acting

1Jimmy Simpson and Steele ValenzuelaLyons Decatur
2Saidah Yapp Tabia YappOmaha Brownell-Talbot
3Eric Johnson & Kevin BurnsBlair
4Justin Wagner & Jarrod WagnerYutan
5Tory Petz and Veronica CraigWest Point High School
6Tia Messier and Ruthie WeilandLyons Decatur
FBrandy Besch/Katie SladekDouglas County West

Entertainment Speaking

1Lauren MartinSchuyler High School
2Kayla BlackmonNorth Bend
3Leigh WalterLogan View
4Sara NordstrandOmaha Brownell-Talbot
5Sheila MoriartyOmaha Brownell-Talbot
6Nathan HansenNorth Bend

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Keshav RaoOmaha Brownell-Talbot
2Ashley DickinsonBlair
3Nathan HansenNorth Bend
4Megan MalloyLyons Decatur
5Kristin MacaDouglas County West
6Dillon DawsonBlair

Informative Speaking

1Monica SharmaOmaha Brownell-Talbot
2Angela BrichacekSchuyler High School
3Andrew TeeterFort Calhoun
4Kaitlyn BuetheDouglas County West
5Samira TellaOmaha Brownell-Talbot
6Kristin WitteLogan View

Oral Interpretation of Drama

1Barbie- Cygne Cooper, Erika Larose, Blair MacDonald, Whitney AllberyOmaha Brownell-Talbot
2Ryan Brown, Erin Metzler, Kayla Baumberger, Laura Sheldahl, Nolan DenkerArlington
3Justin Wagner, Jarrod Wagner, Cheyenne Nelson, & Whitney NelsonYutan
4The Achadamee AwardsLogan View
5Tessa Lierman, Veronica Craig, Kingsley, Reppert, and SchultzWest Point High School
6The OdysseyBlair

Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose

1Cygne CooperOmaha Brownell-Talbot
2Erika LaroseOmaha Brownell-Talbot
3Karlene GrinbergBlair
4Whitney AllberyOmaha Brownell-Talbot
5Luke EcksteinNorth Bend
6Jessica O'ConnorLyons Decatur

Oral Interpretation of Poetry

1Kami MaxwellBlair
2Sara NordstrandOmaha Brownell-Talbot
3Josh BartlettBlair
4Molly KremenOmaha Brownell-Talbot
5Stephanie SuehrBlair
6Sariah HarlanLyons Decatur

Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose

1Eric JohnsonBlair
2Blair MacDonaldOmaha Brownell-Talbot
3Jimmy SimpsonLyons Decatur
4Tabia YappOmaha Brownell-Talbot
5Liz CorusArlington
6Kayla BlackmonNorth Bend

Persuasive Speaking

1Kendra NickelOmaha Brownell-Talbot
2Cheyenne NelsonYutan
3Tory PetzWest Point High School
4Kelsey SimkinsOmaha Brownell-Talbot
5Beth KeenanFort Calhoun
6Corey FriedliLyons Decatur
FEllie HoffschneiderLogan View
FKristin MacaDouglas County West

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