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IHSA State Series 2008
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40th Annual Maine Invitational full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting

1Laura Manning & Pat LawrieGlenbrook South
3Bohr & ManganWheaton Warrenville South
4McCArthy/MatkovichDowners Grove South
5Lopez/ MartinezMaine West
6Liz Dana & Laura ScherkenbachWarren Township

Dramatic Interpretation

1Laura ManningGlenbrook South
2Kyle AkermanDowners Grove South
3Priyanka GuptaWheaton Warrenville South
4Mackenzie SeibertWheaton Warrenville South
5Nate BeasleyGlenbrook South
6Angie SenkpeilOswego H.S.

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Mark SchmidtWheaton Warrenville South
2Lakshmi SundaresanOak Park-River Forest
3Rob BiemesderferDowners Grove South
4Erich DeickeWheaton Warrenville South
5Jonathan ChengWarren Township
6Amy SmetanaDowners Grove South

Humorous Duet Acting

1Peter Smith & Henrietta FarleyHinsdale Central
2Anthony Kayer/Emily BennettOswego H.S.
3Jonathan Sokolow & Trey CaldwellWarren Township
4Cashman/GilbertDowners Grove South
5Rachel Mateyka/Ryan AdorjanOswego H.S.
6Chris McCarthy & Jamie GriffithsWarren Township

Humorous Interpretation

1Dan OttolinWheaton Warrenville South
2Justin MatkovichDowners Grove South
3Pat HeckerWheaton Warrenville South
4Katy ChmelaDowners Grove South
5Scott StuhlmanOswego H.S.
6Charles Eric Phillip Thoreson, IIILeyden

Impromptu Speaking

1Mark SchmidtWheaton Warrenville South
2Chelsey Rice-DavisDowners Grove South
3Laurel StankusHinsdale Central
4Grace YarnoffEvanston
5Claire KennedyHinsdale Central
6Nathan StringerWheaton Warrenville South

Oratorical Declamation

1Jon GoetzWheaton Warrenville South
2Christina RojasWheaton Warrenville South
3Emma JavoisHinsdale Central
4Jamie GrayWarren Township
5Jenni SalisburyWarren Township
6Lisa JosephHinsdale South

Original Comedy

1jenna KauppiHinsdale Central
2Dan OttolinWheaton Warrenville South
3Ryan CashmanDowners Grove South
4Ethan WallaceWheaton Warrenville South
5Kevin WilsonPlainfield North
6Ryan AdorjanOswego H.S.

Original Oratory

1Lea HirschGlenbrook South
2Jackie DavalosOswego H.S.
3Heather OlsonWarren Township
4Liz DanaWarren Township
5Haley NotterWheaton Warrenville South
6Nathan StringerWheaton Warrenville South

Prose Reading

1Brian BohrWheaton Warrenville South
2Christina RojasWheaton Warrenville South
3Tegan McQuaidWheaton Warrenville South
4Tess ModyDowners Grove South
5Laura ScherkenbachWarren Township
6Michael LealiOswego H.S.

Radio Speaking

1Natalie ChanHinsdale Central
2Tim OravecLeyden
3Jessica SmithOak Park-River Forest
4Brianne PaverWheaton Warrenville South
5Sara ThomasWarren Township
6Leah HendricksonWheaton Warrenville South

Special Occasion Speaking

1Gillian LoshWheaton Warrenville South
2Lauren SheehyMaine South
3Emily BennettOswego H.S.
4Natalie ChanHinsdale Central
5Priyanka BosePlainfield North
6Will McGauranNew Trier

Verse Reading

1Mary ManganWheaton Warrenville South
2Britain SeibertWheaton Warrenville South
3Jessica ClarkHinsdale Central
4Hana BajramovicNew Trier
5Rosie MesaFenton
6Anna BinsteinGlenbrook South

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