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IHSA State Series 2008
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Yorkville High School Foxes Invitational full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting

1Charles Howard & Jared WilliamsOswego East
2Nick Pankuch & Liana AlcantaraOswego East
3Sean Kesselring/Scott HaugYorkville
5Tonya Starnes & Eric VerdeyenMorris
6Dylan Sutcliff/ Hayley JonesYorkville

Dramatic Interpretation

1Lauren BrauweilerOswego East
2Liana AlcantaraOswego East JV
3Erin WendellMorris
4Natalie HowardOswego East
5Alexandra HendzelNeuqua Valley
6Nathalia MoreraMorris

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Kevin PajorOswego East
2Stephen DunbarGeneva
3Caitlyn ButlerMorris
4Morgan BrownOswego East JV
5David FeldmanMorris
6Sophie LuoNeuqua Valley

Humorous Duet Acting

1Casey Theil & Jared Williams Oswego East
2Catlin Cosme and Katie SzwajkowskiPlainfield South
3Caleb Moss & Eric VerdeyenMorris
3Max Keil & Spencer WilliamsOswego East JV
5Jesse Green & Patrick KrawczykowskiOswego East
6Zach Hafenrichter & Sean JoyOswego East JV

Humorous Interpretation

1Kevin CareySeneca
2Chris StanfordSandwich
3Amanda CoxDeKalb
3Jesse GreenOswego East JV
5Nick PankuchOswego East
6Emily ImmorminoReed-Custer JV

Impromptu Speaking

1Caitlyn ButlerMorris
2Kevin PajorOswego East
3Morgan BrownOswego East JV
4Luis AlcantaraOswego East
5Sid SapruIllinois Math and Science Academy
5Veronica SmithSandwich

Oratorical Declamation

1Lisa OllerDeKalb
2Ali PetersNeuqua Valley
3Hilary ClarkOswego East JV
4Samantha FordOswego East
5Dakota BowenReed-Custer JV
6Melissa PankuchOswego East

Original Comedy

1Casey TheilOswego East JV
2Jake KorellNeuqua Valley
3Zach HafenrichterOswego East
4Corey FyockOswego East JV
5Katie SzwajkowskiPlainfield South
6Christy KimNeuqua Valley

Original Oratory

1Brenna KeeneSandwich
1Elizabeth PetersonSeneca
3Danielle SwansonOswego East
4Monica SridharNeuqua Valley
5Nicolette ColemanOswego East JV
6Catlin CosmePlainfield South

Prose Reading

1Emily D'AmbroseNeuqua Valley
2David FeldmanMorris
2Lauren DemerathOswego East
4Monique NicholasNeuqua Valley
5Katie WolfOswego East
6Stephany LutzMorris

Radio Speaking

1Kelsey SaurerOswego East JV
2Danielle SwansonOswego East
2Michael WiermanPlainfield South
4Nikki MartinSandwich
5Andrew BennettMorris
6Kyle RorieYorkville

Special Occasion Speaking

1Diane LenertzNeuqua Valley
2Kara MorrallMorris
3Kylie SchoneckerOswego East JV
4Melissa PankuchOswego East
5Cassandra ThomsonNeuqua Valley
6Nate ErwinDeKalb

Verse Reading

1Lauren DemerathOswego East
1Stephany LutzMorris
3Sheryl VargheseNeuqua Valley
4Elizabeth PetersonSeneca
4Katie WolfOswego East
6Todd JongerwaardMorris JV

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