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IHSA State 2007
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IHSA State Series 2006

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Pearl City team details

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results
Group/duet results

State Series 2007

Note: Only advancing competitors from each level are shown on this table.

Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)Jarren Heckman and Eric Hartman2  
Extemporaneous SpeakingWilliam Miller22 
Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)Mark Woessner and Paul Johnson4  
Humorous InterpretationBrady Mahoney4  
Impromptu SpeakingWilliam Miller3  
Oratorical DeclamationMollie Miller3  
Original ComedyBrady Mahoney21 
Performance in the RoundPearl City126
Prose ReadingEric Hartman22 
Radio SpeakingLacee Munson3  
Special Occasion SpeakingKyle Heeren4  
Verse ReadingBekka Foust2  

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Team sweepstakes results
1NUIC Conference Tournament
2River Bend Invitational
2IHSA Regional - Freeport (H.S.)
3IHSA Sectional - Pearl City

Competitor results

Downers Grove South Tournament - Final results
Becca Foust6Verse Reading
Geneseo Varsity Invitational - Final results
William Miller1Extemporaneous Speaking
Becca Foust2Verse Reading
Eric Hartman4Prose Reading
IHSA Regional - Freeport (H.S.) - Final results
Pearl City1Performance in the Round
Bekka Foust2Verse Reading
Brady Mahoney2Original Comedy
Eric Hartman2Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)
Eric Hartman2Prose Reading
Jarren Heckman2Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)
William Miller2Extemporaneous Speaking
Lacee Munson3Radio Speaking
Mollie Miller3Oratorical Declamation
William Miller3Impromptu Speaking
Brady Mahoney4Humorous Interpretation
Kyle Heeren4Special Occasion Speaking
Mark Woessner4Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)
Paul Johnson4Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)
IHSA Sectional - Pearl City - Final results
Brady Mahoney1Original Comedy
Eric Hartman2Prose Reading
Pearl City2Performance in the Round
William Miller2Extemporaneous Speaking
IHSA State Final - Final results
Pearl City6Performance in the Round
NUIC Conference Tournament - Final results
Eric Hartman1Prose Reading
Heidi Erbsen1Original Oratory
William Miller1Extemporaneous Speaking
Becca Foust2Verse Reading
Brady Mahoney2Humorous Interpretation
Kyle Heeren2Special Occasion Speaking
Lacee Munson2Radio Speaking
William Miller2Impromptu Speaking
Zach Kempel2Extemporaneous Speaking
Brady Mahoney3Original Comedy
Mark Woessner3Verse Reading
Michelle Keckler3Original Oratory
Zach Kempel3Impromptu Speaking
Brandon Bull4Humorous Interpretation
Whitney Hansen4Special Occasion Speaking
Charlie Johnson5Original Oratory
Paul Johnson5Dramatic Interpretation
Frankie Huggins6Special Occasion Speaking
Jarren Heckman6Radio Speaking
River Bend Invitational - Final results
Brandon Bull1Humorous Interpretation
Charlie Johnson3Original Oratory
Zach Kempel3Extemporaneous Speaking
Frankie Huggins5Verse Reading
Kyle Heeren5Special Occasion Speaking
Ben Manthei6Humorous Interpretation
Ellen Campbell6Verse Reading
Jack Hoak6Prose Reading
Mollie Miller6Oratorical Declamation
River Bend Invitational - Novice final results
Heidi Erbsen1Original Oratory
Jenna Matthew1Prose Reading
Lacee Munson1Radio Speaking
Ben McKibben2Original Comedy
Brittany Kieselhorst2Dramatic Interpretation
Caleb Hardacre2Oratorical Declamation
Frankie Huggins2Special Occasion Speaking
Abby Brown3Extemporaneous Speaking
J Albertson3Oratorical Declamation
Greg Tessendorf4Radio Speaking
Sarah Matthew4Prose Reading
Sarah Andrews5Dramatic Interpretation

Group/duet results

Geneseo Varsity Invitational - Final results
Hartman/ Heckman6Dramatic Duet Acting
NUIC Conference Tournament - Final results
Hartman/ Heckman1Dramatic Duet Acting
Johnson/Foust3Humorous Duet Acting
River Bend Invitational - Final results
Quittschrieber/Tessendorf3Humorous Duet Acting
Hardacre/ Kieselhorst5Dramatic Duet Acting

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