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IHSA State 2007
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IHSA Regional - Downers Grove (North) full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Cullen Deady (Sr.) and Kyle Akerman (Jr.)Downers Grove South
Lonely Planet
1Elliot Karl (Jr.) and Nick Reinhart (Sr.)Downers Grove North
The Pillowman
1Henrietta Farley (Jr.) and Parker Johnson (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
4Kendall Knysch (Jr.) and Lauren Tackbary (Jr.)York

Dramatic Interpretation

1Kyle Akerman (Jr.)Downers Grove South
Domino Heart
2Meredith Maresh (So.)Downers Grove North
Mick Harte was Here
3Peter Smith (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
The Tricky Part
4Tim Scott (Sr.)York
Miller's Crossing

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Sankalp Malhotra (Sr.)Downers Grove South
2Jordan Frank (So.)Downers Grove North
3Amarto Bhattacharyya (Jr.)Glenbard South
4Nandini Ramakrishnan (So.)Hinsdale Central

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Justin Matkovich (Jr.) and Sean Liston (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Private Wars
2Parker Johnson (Jr.) and Shea Daspin (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
Single and Proud
3Brittany Childs (Jr.) and Nick Reinhart (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Maybe Baby, It's You
4Candice Brain (Sr.) and Sunitha Suresh (Sr.)York

Humorous Interpretation

1Eileen Schroeder (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Bobby Wilson Can Eat His Own Face
2Travis Trew (So.)Downers Grove North
Rinse the Blood off my Toga
3Keith Potts (Jr.)York
A Plague of Tics
4Peter Smith (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
The Onions Finest News Reporting

Impromptu Speaking

1Amarto Battacharya (Jr.)Glenbard South
2Joe Cozza (Sr.)Downers Grove North
3Dan Nelson (Sr.)Downers Grove South
4Laurel Stankus (Jr.)Hinsdale Central

Oratorical Declamation

1Sean Liston (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Just Say Yes
2Sarah Berry (Jr.)Downers Grove North
Filling your Life with your Passions
3Danielle Davis (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
Children of the Storm
4Lisa Joseph (So.)Hinsdale South
Fran Drescher's City of Hope Speech

Original Comedy

1Adam Weil (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Girls Gone Weil'd
2Hannah Shepard (Jr.)York
Camping Convention
3Justin Matkovich (Jr.)Downers Grove South
I'll Be There
4Adrian Smith (So.)Bolingbrook
How to be a Jock

Original Oratory

1Sankalp Malhotra (Sr.)Downers Grove South
A Wake Up Call
2Zara Rashid (Sr.)Willowbrook
Death to Genocide
3Gwenlyn Robinson (Sr.)York
Like Intellectualism
4Monika Rastogi (Jr.)Downers Grove North
We Have Men Like Atticus to Go for Us

Performance in the Round

1Downers Grove (North)Downers Grove North
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
2Downers Grove (South)Downers Grove South
The Whole Shebang
Wiley, His Mammy, and the Harry Man

Prose Reading

1Lori Rhoades (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Bald in the Land of Big Hair
2Eileen Schroeder (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Men Are Stupid and I Rock! an Ode to Dorothy Parker
3Michelle Meyer (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
Mick Harte Was Here
4Sarah Ruszkowski (Sr.)Willowbrook
Memoirs of a Geisha

Radio Speaking

1Danielle Tannenbaum (Sr.)Downers Grove South
2Meredith Maresh (So.)Downers Grove North
3Natalie Chan (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
4Candice Brain (Sr.)York

Special Occasion Speaking

1Danielle Tannenbaum (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Ease On Down
2Zara Rashid (Sr.)Willowbrook
Technologically Obsessed
3Audrey Wayne (Jr.)Downers Grove North
I Like You ... I Love your Sweater!
4Veronica Parker (Jr.)York

Verse Reading

1Geysha Gonzalez (Sr.)Downers Grove South
2J.T. Nateras (Sr.)York
The Spoken Word Revolution
3Carolyn Cakir (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
Working Class Represent
4Kristen Lemke (So.)Downers Grove North
The Patron Saint of Stoners

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