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IHSA State 2007
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IHSA State Series 2006

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Welcome to (2006-2007 edition)!

This website holds the results from 2006-2007

The results from 2006-2007 are planned to eventually be merged with those from 2007-2008, but until that happens, you can still access them here.

Tournament Calendar for 2007-2008 at

If you'd like to see the tournament calendar for 2007-2008, you can view it on the Tournaments page at Click here to view the tournament calendar.

SpeechWire Global Database - Now tracking 5898 competitors on 315 teams. is the companion website to SpeechWire Tournament Services for the 2006-2007 tournament season. Final results from tournaments that used SpeechWire to tabulate will be posted here as a recognition of the achievements of students that won awards.

LIVE Coverage: IHSA State Finals is your source for live coverage of the Illinois High School Association 2007 State Final in Rock Island.
Click here to view live coverage from State Finals

But wait - there's more!

Results from all 2006-2007 season tournaments that tabulated their final results using SpeechWire Tournament Services are now available online. You can view the tournament calendar to browse the results, or use the search page to find the tournament or team you are looking for.

Results from tournaments that did not have elimination rounds are posted as 'Final round' results, although there was not technically a final round. They are still the final results for the tournament.

Why are only some tournaments listed?

Only results from tournaments that used SpeechWire Tournament Services are available here. This is because the results are posted directly from SpeechWire to this website. Since the results come directly from the tabulation program, they are highly accurate (as long as there were no human errors). However, please be aware that you are not seeing *all* the results from the season, just those tabulated on SpeechWire.

What if there's an error in one of the postings?

If you find an verifiable instance where a competitor or team is listed as receiving a place that they in fact did not receive, please contact me. Please do not contact me regarding misspelled names or multiple records for single competitors or duets. The names are exactly what the tab room entered, and I am working to combine multiple records for single competitors/duets, but please only contact me regarding place errors, not name errors.

Looking for the coverage of the IHSA 2006 State Series?

Live, independent coverage of the 2006 IHSA (Illinois) state speech tournament was posted on last February. Click here to view the 2006 IHSA state coverage is a service powered by SpeechWire Tournament Services.

This website was designed by Ben Stewart, SpeechWire Tournament Services. Hosting provided by Steadfast Networks.
Results posted on were submitted by tournament managers, and should, but may not match the awards actually given.